Smash Project Tour

Smash Project Tour in Manila

From one foreign act to another, Manila’s starting to be the concert place for them. Last March 8, 2012, Filipinos were given a treat as a group of foreign artists staged another hit concert at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. It was the Smash Project Tour that featured bands like The Cab, Cobra Starship, The Used and Chris Carraba a.k.a. Dashboard Confessional. Local acts were there to perform too as part of the opening act and the crowd went on rockin’.


Most of the crowd were young, probably they’re into those type of new generation rock type of music with lots of emotions going on and that made me a bit out-of-place since I’m not familiar with most of them. The only thing that I got to watch them perform live was the fact that they might never play again on the local shore, so I gave it a shot. Oh, well there’s one artist that I knew, Chris Carraba, the man behind Dashboard Confessional. The guy’s great, listen to his records and you’ll get awed because he did all the instruments and wrote all the songs. I failed to see his gig last time he set the stage here so this one’s good timing.


But as a whole, I had a great time. Being a musician, it’s nice to listen to new music as it broadens your knowledge and keeps you in tune on what’s the latest.


Here’s a clip from one of the fans there, Carraba performing a fave tune of his.



Other vids from the said concert.