Travel Time: Adventures in Hong Kong

Lately I’ve been posting some of my music odyssey with different groups and artists but it doesn’t mean my life revolves around music 100%. I have day job too and get to travel once in a while if time permits. Traveling is one of the things I like, but it’s kinda ironic that as much as I like to travel, I’m more of a homebuddy. Weird ei? Anyway got the needed break last vacation and it was a perfect time to travel. Most of the places I’ve been so far were just around the country, but this one would definitely be in my record books as one of the greatest.

A rare time to go abroad and it was an exhilarating experience. It’s also the first time that the Anawangin boys and the Boracay boys would combine for this epic travel.

Traveling outside the country is very expensive and with guys who are on a tight budget, the best option would be the backpackers’ mode. Good thing there are promos nowadays by airline companies here like Cebu Pacific Airlines, things just made it easier for us. We spotted one, and there we go!

For this trip, we went to Hong Kong and the place, I would say, was nice. It has great facilities, airport is huge (way better than NAIA), streets are always busy, even until wee hours especially in the business district, wonder if they still sleep.

It’s a totally different place so I was culture shocked. I don’t like comparisons but there were certain things I noticed which made me realize why Hong Kong is miles ahead than my country. If you’ll be able to visit both places, I think you’ll notice it too.

We were on a time constrained schedule so the plan was to visit as many places as possible on each day.

Here’s our itinerary:

Day One upon arrival, we rest a bit from our place, then went straight to the Avenue of the Stars, HK’s version of Hollywood Walk of Fame, it’s where you can see the Bruce Lee statue by the harbor and other Chinese celebrities’ hands in cement that include Jacky Chan. If only we arrived earlier, then probably we could have been to the art museum as it’s near the vicinity, so we’ve missed one right there.

Day Two, our destination in the morning was one of the parks there, the Kowloon Park, then we opted to go to Ocean Park instead of Disneyland as the latter is bigger and has more people, and if you’re gonna go for the rides, you’ll have to wait longer because of its long lines, so that would eat up a lot of time, and since we had a tight schedule, we weighed off the best option and we could only hit the target if we head off to Ocean Park. So we missed to visit Mickey’s place, maybe next time. Anyway, Ocean Park was a great choice as I haven’t seen a dolphin live. There was also the panda show, but failed to see it because it had the same time with the dolphin show. It’s the best alternative if you’re having a hard time deciding on which place to go.

After the Ocean Park adventure, we head off to Victoria Peak. We took a ride on the Peak Tram.

Day Three, we went to see the big statue of Buddha. If there’s one place we don’t want to miss, it’s this one. Got to pay homage and visit him and have us all blessed. Plans of going to Macau or Mainland China were scrapped off due to budget and time constraints.

Though we haven’t explored all the places, we somehow hit the target, so all in all, this adventure trip was a winner.

Where’s the next stop? Let’s see…

Here are some vids I created during our stay.

HK: City Scape from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: City Scape 2 from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Ocean Park from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Ocean Theatre Dolphins, Seal and Sea Lion Show from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Buddha Bless You from marvin bea on Vimeo.