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Cardio Training : Jog at Marikina

Had a great cardio workout at Marikina Sports Complex this afternoon. The weather was perfect so I headed up there and did around 7 laps of walk, jog and sprint. This was part of my so-called gradual training for next week’s 3k and 5k fun run and for the upcoming events that I wish to join in. Got to be ready and fit before going to battle hehe.. As what the saying goes,  “Get fit to play, not play to get fit“.


Went there around 5 p.m. and there were only few joggers running. It surprised me a bit ’cause whenever I went there to jog, be it in the morning or evening, there were many runners on the track. By the time it was 6 p.m., people were coming in to the venue and the track was starting to be filled. So I guess if you want to jog with less people around, better go there around 5.


Jog at Marikina Sports Complex


Jog at Marikina Sports Complex


Running Track at Marikina Sports Complex