Milk Candy From The North

One is not enough! This milk candy from the Northern side of the Philippines, Cagayan Valley to be precise, is so addicting, you can’t just have one bite. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be craving for more and want to eat all in one sitting. It’s made up of pure carabao’s milk and this sweet delicacy has two variants, one with the blue cover and one in red. Don’t know exactly the difference between those, but heck it leaves your taste buds really wanting some more. So if you happen to be in Cagayan North, don’t forget to buy this candy.This product is the hometown’s pride and you’ll never be disappointed with its taste.


Milk Candy

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The Great Northern Tour

Random pics from different sceneries up North. This is one of the best travels I had. Together with my three cousins, we went to Pagudpud with stops at Vigan, Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, exploring its tourists’ spots and foodtrip. Last stop was on Cagayan Valley and went to Sta. Anna and Aparri, those two are the last places you’ll ever see on the Philippine map, Luzon area hehe.


All in a limited budget of P4500 for each person! Unbelievable ei. Well it helped that you had a place to stay for the night that’s free. Thanks to my cousin’s relatives in Ilocos for the accommodation. And also to our relatives at Cagayan. The stay got extended.