Melody Gersbach news

Farewell, Melody Gersbach…

Shocking news hit the Metro once again as Binibining Pilipinas-International 2009 Melody Gersbach together with two others — her designer/make-up artist and her driver, were killed in a fatal car crash on Saturday, August 21! They died on the spot after their vehicle, a Toyota Innova, got a head-on collision with a Guevarra Bus at Barangay Pawili in Bula. They were on their way to Naga City for a local beauty pageant when the accident occurred, according to reports.

Melody, who competed in China last November for the Miss International pageant, secured a semi-finals slot.

The image above, clad in a very nice and elegant gown, was taken by a photographer from a parade held at Araneta Center, which incidentally I had witnessed when I happened to dropped by at Gateway and Sm malls to shop. I believe it was a Flores de Mayo event, I still remembered that pretty face, though had not known her name, as she was among those beautiful ladies that mesmerized me and got me stopped for quite a while and had a look at the parade. So after hearing the news and seeing this photo, it got me goosebumps.. realizing that it was the first and only time that I could see her alive.

May her soul rest in peace…