Diwa De Leon event Sinag De Leon

Memories on Two Strings

Music and arts go hand in hand. Last Saturday, I went to Conspiracy Garden Cafe to check out friends in an art exhibit and album launch. It was a great event that featured Sinag de Leon‘s art opening of her paper cut creations which was inspired by the music of her brother Diwa de Leon‘s latest solo LP, Memories on Two Strings. The gallery boasted of beautifully created artworks that would run until the 31st of January 2012.


Diwa, also a member of the Pinoy world music group called Makiling, uses a Hegalong instrument, a two-string instrument from the Philippines, thus the title of the album.


Opening the night was Jeff Pagaduan, who performed his original compositions in front of the awed crowd with his ala Andy Mckee style of guitar playing while singing. After Jeff was the main event. Diwa, along with friends Aba Dalena, Zab Reyes on guest vocals, Jp Hernandez and Frances Escape on percussion did songs from the current and previous album.


The album Memories on Two Strings is a two-set CD that also features Cooky Chua of Color It Red and Charice’s vocal coach Jeanne Vicars on guest vocals. The songs give a nice, chillaxing vibe, and as you listen to the tunes, the more you get hooked at them, at the same time it serves as a lesson101 of sort because it allows the listeners to get exposed of this awesome local string instrument. With the mix of popular music of different genres and the Hegalong, it’s a whole new experience. Containing 25 great songs, it has everything on the menu from upbeat to mellow to something that rocks.


Check out Memories on Two Strings.


Here’s the single from the album entitled “Moonrise” featuring Cookie Chua on vocals.



Art Start

Coloring a book using crayons, colored pencil or water color is one of the early stages of being into arts. Followed by drawing on pad papers and so on. Most kids I’ve seen were drawn into a coloring book. Well me too. I love colors, always been fascinated by it and always give me a relaxing mood. When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot, mostly superheroes, and then ripping them off to have my own creation of characters. Very much like my nephews and niece who also love to draw and color. Some of their works were inspired mostly on the cartoons they’ve watched and at times on the environment around.


This is a good start in getting them drawn into arts. The one area I loved but couldn’t just execute because I’ve stopped drawing after getting hooked on basketball back in elementary days and not knowing how to paint hehe. Now I’m having some hard time drawing characters I used to do easily even when there’s an image to copy. Well as for these kids, I hope they continue this passion because it enhances one’s creativity.


Kaye, Gian and Lance all busy coloring Sponge Bob.



One of the early drawings of my niece Kaye. I found it on her old notebook. Reminds me of myself, had been filling my old notebooks with illustrations of different characters before. And just like me, she also doesn’t want to be watched while working on an illustration, maybe after it’s finished only you can see it. 🙂