art Natalie Irish

Painting With Lips by Natalie Irish

Art for me has no boundaries, you can do whatever you want – it may be on a traditional way or the unorthodox way. Use your illusion. Be creative. But of course there should be guidelines too as it may go overboard, as what happened recently to an art exhibit here in the Philippines wherein Jesus Christ – known to be as the “Son of God” by Christians and Catholics, was shown wearing that Mickey Mouse look on His face. Respect begets respect as they say. Anyway that’s a very delicate issue and I’m not talkin’ about it.


Now back to showing one’s creativity, there are those who do it the unconventional way and I just happened to see a vid of this artist named Natalie Irish. She paints portraits using her lips. Although I can’t paint, do some crafts and artsy stuffs, I’ve always been drawn to fascination with it. On this vid, she paints the late great Jimi Hendrix, one of my guitar heroes.



For more of her awesome artworks, check out her site


art event The Beatles

Come Together..The Beatlemania 2nd Reunion Exhibit

Filipino hardcore Beatle aficionados/artists gather at the 16th Graphic Expo SMX, Mall of Asia for the 2nd reunion exhibit of their art works inspired by the greatest band of all time, The Beatles. The group has been an inspiration to many of today’s famous musicians and has been very influential to the pop culture in all parts of the world.


The exhibit depicts the soulful images of John, Paul, George and Ringo and their songs in prints and canvas. Memorabilias like pins, old song books, posters are being displayed as well. I even got to see a ticket of their show held in Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, Philippines back in July ’66, and guess how much it costs? 30 pesos!! And that’s at ringside!! I have fifty bucks here and if only I can travel back time, I could have seen them perform live and would still have a 20 buck change \m/.

Met some of the artists at the exhibit like Rei Ayaton through Nat, and felt like “I’m not worthy!” – ala Wayne Campbell gesture. Sir Rei’s works are fantastic! You should see his compiled books, a biography of the Fab Four. It’s like a hard bound comic, complete with well-detailed illustrations. I was in complete awe when I saw it. And according to him, he still have other books which he didn’t bring.


These are amazing art works displayed by all the great artists. Filipino art at its finest.


The event also concides Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday which makes it extra special. So here’s a toast to Sir Paul! To the Fab Four! And to everyone!



Asbestos Kills.. The Grafitti Painting

Was at the Bazaar Love Triangle at Timog, Quezon City besides GMA7 on Saturday and this was what I witnessed inside. A grafitti painting featuring young artists. The theme was about asbestos.


grafitti painting 1
grafitti painting 2
grafitti painting 3
grafitti painting 4


grafitti painting 5


Art Start

Coloring a book using crayons, colored pencil or water color is one of the early stages of being into arts. Followed by drawing on pad papers and so on. Most kids I’ve seen were drawn into a coloring book. Well me too. I love colors, always been fascinated by it and always give me a relaxing mood. When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot, mostly superheroes, and then ripping them off to have my own creation of characters. Very much like my nephews and niece who also love to draw and color. Some of their works were inspired mostly on the cartoons they’ve watched and at times on the environment around.


This is a good start in getting them drawn into arts. The one area I loved but couldn’t just execute because I’ve stopped drawing after getting hooked on basketball back in elementary days and not knowing how to paint hehe. Now I’m having some hard time drawing characters I used to do easily even when there’s an image to copy. Well as for these kids, I hope they continue this passion because it enhances one’s creativity.


Kaye, Gian and Lance all busy coloring Sponge Bob.



One of the early drawings of my niece Kaye. I found it on her old notebook. Reminds me of myself, had been filling my old notebooks with illustrations of different characters before. And just like me, she also doesn’t want to be watched while working on an illustration, maybe after it’s finished only you can see it. 🙂



event tattoo

Tats On My Mind

Tattoo experts showed off their skills at the recent tattoo convention held at Freedom Bar, Anonas, Q.C. last Aug. 14, 2010. A night long event, it’s my first time to be there so I was really surprised at how the venue was jampacked, with metalheads, goths and groupies mostly in black outfits filling in the place. Inside the venue were bands performing, probably heavy metal music and sharing the stage after performances were announcements of winners for each tat category. Didn’t went inside as it was totally crowded, and though I’m a big rock fan, not much into the metal scene, maybe because I’ve grown over with it so fast it ain’t got much appeal to me now. Meanwhile, people outside were going nuts at having their bodies get tats. Even saw a girl just had her whole back covered with it. Wow, that might have hurt! Asked myself, hey, what’s the reason? For fashion? For others to let know they’re “rockers”? To make a statement? Just don’t know why, hehehe..

As we explored the area, beer bottles were scattered around the floor, it was smokey, too hot and humid ’cause of the crowd, ahhh, it’s not the best place to hang out especially if you have asthma or allergic to smoke. Like in my case, can’t stand with too much smoke, but anyway, it was a thrill to witness these tat artists doing their craft best. You guys rock! m/