Mr. Big music

Big, Bigger, Biggest.. Mr. Big Live in Manila!

Mr. Big rocks!!! While kids were present at MOA for Justin Bieber’s concert and went Bieber hunting, their parents went to the Big Dome to witness one of rock’s great acts, Mr. Big.


This is the 2nd time they toured Manila if I’m not mistaken and finally I get to see one of my early guitar heroes play live. Paul Gilbert was at his best as ever, doing scorching guitar solos, accompanied by the hot basslines of Billy Sheehan. The two masters were truly fantastic, even doing solos at the same time, same speed, same notes hit, wow! It was surreal seeing them live in action, ’cause the only time I saw them do their stuffs was on the VHS tapes we once rented before hehe.


Of course the set included instrumentals from the two, that classic drill on the guitar which was popularized by Eddie Van Halen and later on Paul and the band did their classics as well as their new materials.


The highlight of the gig was when they had finished their encore, thought it was over so I stood up on my seat and ’bout to leave but heck, they returned to the stage, for the 2nd encore, this time switching instruments. Paul on drums, Eric on guitars, Pat on bass, and Billy on vocals, doing the cover of a Deep Purple hit song Smoke On The Water. Come guitar solo time, except for Paul, the three switched instruments, this time with Eric on bass, Pat on vocals and Billy doing the guitar solos.


Warming up the evening were Brit-rock influenced Lip Service, which my band Crude Oz played along with at Saguijo when we did a gig there before, and the pretty and talented all-girl rock group General Luna. Both bands were awesome and rocked the venue.


Here’s a captured vid of Greentinted Sixties Mind from one of the fans who watched last May 10’s show. I picked this one ’cause this is my favorite tune of theirs, and the song that up until now I haven’t learned to play on guitar because of the tapping style of the intro hehe. 🙂



Stone Temple Pilots

STP Rocks The Big Dome

Hard rockin’ 90s band Stone Temple Pilots performed at the Araneta Coliseum, also known as The Big Dome, for a one night only concert. The group who reunited once again still rocks and the set was solid and fantastic! They played mostly on their heavy and fast songs, with the crowd singing along on the song called Plush.


Local band Sinosikat was the only front act of the evening, featuring two bass players, one of whom was Karel Honasan.



Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms Live In Manila

First time to watch a concert of a popular foreign act and it was the Gin Blossoms! That band was one of my favorite 90s pop-rock alternative bands. Held at the Big Dome last November 2010, they performed their hits and their new singles from their new album.