White Room V.2 Session: Scarface Song

After 7 years of not playing together as a band, Chris Mercado (guitar/vocals), Andrew Harder (bass) and Paolo Vivas (drums) have put up a project called the White Room EP that comprises songs they’ve written before. I was honored to play with them in their recording session.

Scarface Song, written by Chris, was recorded live at Raketship Project Studio in Mandaluyong, with only overdub done on the vocal track.

Watch the live video recording here.

Mint music

Mint Perform at UNA’s Beatles’ Night

From a world music/triphop/electronica inspired group, let’s go to this new one that I’m also a part of. It’s another addition to the my continuing music odyssey. You’d probably be thinking, how many bands that this guy have? Well as what I’ve mentioned last time, I wanted to be accessible to everyone and share my style of music as much as I can, so the number increases hehe.

Since I listen basically to all genres, from pop to rock to blues to jazz, there are certain ideas that come out in my head that may not fit to this band or that band, so I throw those stuffs on other groups and collaborate. Even if I play the same approach, somehow it would sound differently because of the diversity each brings on the table.

And that’s when I got to play for Mint as a guitar sideman and other instruments like harmonica (just a poser though). The band is relatively new but each members have been playing long with other projects.

Mint brings you the vibe of the old stuffs, the Beatlesque, psychedelic styles of the late 60s era with a li’l touch of today’s music. The band was formed as a trio of Glenn Mapue (vocals and guitar), Andrew Harder (bass), and Paolo Vivas (drums) and later on, JP Hernandez (percussion) and I joined them.

The band is currently on the process of recording an album and hopefully it will be released soon.

Here’s a show we played at a Beatles night event performing originals and covers from the fab four.