Chris Cornell

Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell Dies

Credit image: Brian Bumbery

The curse of 2016 still continues after all as the first half of 2017 saw a number of artists passing away. As of this post, one trending news today got this author shocked. One of the most prominent singer-songwriters in the 90’s “grunge era”, Chris Cornell died at age 52. In a statement confirmed by Cornell’s representative Brian Bumbery to the Associated Press, the Seattle rocker passed away in Detroit on Wednesday evening just hours after he performed a show with his band, Soundgarden at Fox Theatre. The death was “sudden and unexpected” that his wife and family were shocked. The family asked for privacy as they would work closely with the medical examiner in finding out the cause of death.

Cornell’s last tweet before the show.

Chris Cornell was a founding member of Soundgarden, one of the bands that spearheaded the grunge movement, and has fronted with other popular supergroups, Audioslave and the Soundgarden-Pearl Jam collaboration tribute band for Andy Wood, Temple of the Dog. Audioslave performed a show this year while Temple of the Dog had their reunion tour last year. Soundgarden, meanwhile are back on tour and have made some materials for their next album. He’s also best known for his performance on 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, You Know My Name. and this year, he’s got another song for a film in store for everyone, The Promise.

UPDATE: According to the latest news released by the Associated Press, medical examiner determined Cornell’s death as suicide by hanging.

May you rest in peace Chris. Say hello to heaven! Thank you for the music!

Here’s Cornell’s very last performance. Thanks to the uploaders who shared the band’s show.

The band performing their last song Slaves and Bulldozers with Chris mashing it up with Led Zep’s In My Time of Dying.

The Cranberries

The Cranberries in Manila

Being a big fan of 90’s music, one of the most recognizable alternative bands who emerged in that era was The Cranberries. The group, who have made various hits, performed in Manila for a one night concert at Smart Araneta coliseum last April 10, 2012 and catching them live was an awesome feeling.


Here are some of the vids shared by fans who were fortunate enough to be seated near the stage.




Blue Martian Cookies

Blue Martian Cookies’ Clark Reunion

Blue Martian Cookies reunited and performed in Clark, Pampanga. It was a rare performance by the band which was formed back in the 90s. Present were some of the original members together with generation two members. The band did cover songs from the 90s era on set 1 and on set 2, they did their originals.


It’s a pleasure playing with these guys, had an awesome evening at Clark. The only hassle during the set was when my guitar’s 3rd string (G string) was cut off during the 3rd song. With no back-up strings and guitar on hand, if this happened to most guitar players, they would probably not continue playing, but heck, that’s not a very big deal, the show must continue. Although a great sound would suffer a bit, I think I handled it fairly enough. The solution? Improvisation!


Here’s my take. Since you’re going to hit the same notes only on different positions, all you need to do is to familiarize where your fingers will run, in that way you can still hit the notes missing on the cut-off string. So if this may happen to you at the middle of the song, don’t stop, all you need to do is a little improv, ala-MacGyver.




Stone Temple Pilots

STP Rocks The Big Dome

Hard rockin’ 90s band Stone Temple Pilots performed at the Araneta Coliseum, also known as The Big Dome, for a one night only concert. The group who reunited once again still rocks and the set was solid and fantastic! They played mostly on their heavy and fast songs, with the crowd singing along on the song called Plush.


Local band Sinosikat was the only front act of the evening, featuring two bass players, one of whom was Karel Honasan.



Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms Live In Manila

First time to watch a concert of a popular foreign act and it was the Gin Blossoms! That band was one of my favorite 90s pop-rock alternative bands. Held at the Big Dome last November 2010, they performed their hits and their new singles from their new album.