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Skit: What Time Is It?

When boredom strikes at the same time creativity suddenly flows in your head, you just can’t wait not to do it or else it would be gone. Just like in songwriting when, in the middle of the night and everyone’s asleep, a songwriter has these ideas or words or melodies suddenly came up inside his/her head, he/she will write it asap even if it’s on wee hours so as not to lose it. The same thing occurred to me when I saw my nephew wearing this 70’s vintage wrist watch from his dad. An idea suddenly popped up and I got inspired to create a skit out of it.
Making a video featuring a one-year old kid is quite challenging as you have to handle their moods. Luckily I’ve pulled it off, with patience of course. 🙂

Here’s the short video.

What Time Is It? from marvin bea on Vimeo.