Allan Caidic

Caidic Turned The NBA Legends Into True Believers!

Caidic 3 pts!“. If you’re a fan of the PBA in the late 80s and early to mid 90s, you probably heard this from the courtside announcer over and over again. At 47, Allan Caidic, known as the Triggerman, fired once more with accuracy from the outside. Playing with former NBA and PBA stars again on the 2010 NBA Asia Challenge, he exploded with 54 pts. in just, well, only 24 minutes of action, topscoring for his squad. He unloaded 14 treys, 3 less than his record of 17 triples. It was another scorching performance, that turned the NBA legends into true believers!


The legend of the much talked about myth of a feared number 8 shooter in Asian competions was actually true. And last year, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dominique Wilkins witnessed this feared gunner thus gaining tremendous accolades from him, and now, the younger generation of legends in Glenn Rice, whom he beat in a special 3-point shooting contest, Garry Payton, Mitch Richmond and Chris Webber expereinced his outstanding 3 point barrage and were all praises to the man they called “Trigger”.


They haven’t seen an Asian player like him definitely. And if only Samboy Lim was able to play, then they’ll be seeing the Michael Jordan version of Asia!


With the Triggerman still in great shooting form, I think he can still play for the National Squad and shoot the lights out. There’s no other shooter in the Philippines as sharp as he is. Not even your James Yap or Hontiveros or those other guys. No offense, but these so-called “shooters” are just mere posers. They’re good players but not as good as number 8.


While they’ve showed some greatness in the PBA and in not much high international competitions like SEABA and SEAG, I haven’t seen their mark well in prestigious meets like the Asian Games or FIBA Men’s Qualifying tournament.


Still has to polish their guns though if they want to be like him, as inconsistency still remained in their brand of play. Having a good shooting night then followed by an aweful and mediocre performances in prestigious meets, I think you can’t afford to have those kind of games as every game is important. You don’t see that with the Triggerman who was always sharp and consistent, and when the game was on the line, he never choked and always carried the team to victory.


The Triggerman is the real deal! Once a pure shooter is always a shooter!