One of the most prominent and influential rock band in the 90’s, Pearl Jam is inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last 7th of April 2017 by David Letterman. The former Late Show host shared a very touching speech about the band, on how he met them to their involvement in social issues. Letterman replaced Neil Young, who’s unable to induct the band due to health issues.

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The Seattle band rose to fame after their ground-breaking debut album “Ten” sold millions of copies worldwide. Followed by a successful sophomore album “Vs.” and their fight against Ticketmaster, they’ve gained more fans around the world. The members inducted were drummers Dave Krusen (from Ten album), Matt Cameron, guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, bassist Jeff Ament and singer Eddie Vedder that drew the ire of the other fans for not including former drummer Dave Abbruzzese in the list. The Hall meanwhile clarified in their statement that they’re the ones who named who will be included, leading to some debate that past members with significant contributions should be included also. The band posted a tweet inviting all the drummers who played with them during the course of their career but apparently Dave A still has some personal issues to settle as he posted a statement regarding his snub in the event.

Here’s a Youtube video shared by Guillermo Gorza for those who have missed the event.

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