art Natalie Irish

Painting With Lips by Natalie Irish

Art for me has no boundaries, you can do whatever you want – it may be on a traditional way or the unorthodox way. Use your illusion. Be creative. But of course there should be guidelines too as it may go overboard, as what happened recently to an art exhibit here in the Philippines wherein Jesus Christ – known to be as the “Son of God” by Christians and Catholics, was shown wearing that Mickey Mouse look on His face. Respect begets respect as they say. Anyway that’s a very delicate issue and I’m not talkin’ about it.


Now back to showing one’s creativity, there are those who do it the unconventional way and I just happened to see a vid of this artist named Natalie Irish. She paints portraits using her lips. Although I can’t paint, do some crafts and artsy stuffs, I’ve always been drawn to fascination with it. On this vid, she paints the late great Jimi Hendrix, one of my guitar heroes.



For more of her awesome artworks, check out her site


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