Yuto Miyazawa

Japanese Guitar Prodigy Onstage With Ozzy

Another Youtube kid sensation is making waves! This time, it’s not a girl with a great voice range, but a guitar slinger. Yes, and like this girl singer, he’s also from Asia. 10 year old guitar prodigy from Japan Yuto Miyazawa! This kid is a phenom, saw his vid at Youtube way back playing an Ozzy song with his band and I could say that he’s not your ordinary guitar shredding boy. He played fast, with precision, and effortless. Also played similar styles as of Randy Rhoads’, the late guitarist of Ozzy. His guitar even sport that same polka dot design the latter was using. I think it’s a Randy Rhoads signature guitar.

Now, he’s not just covering a song by Ozzy, but a part of the Ozzfest tour headed by the Prince of Darkness himself. And he’s sharing the stage with his rock idol!. Thanks to his gig at Ellen DeGeneres’ show, he has gained the attention of Ozzy. A dream come true!

Here’s a footage of the youngest professional guitar player on the planet together with Ozzy Osbourne himself performing Crazy Train :

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