Featured Song: In Another Lifetime

Nowadays collaboration has made it easy, thanks to the latest technology. Here’s another sample of music collaboration done on different countries.

Schoolmate/batchmate singer/songwriter/guitarist Ace Agamata had this song collaborated with renowned songwriter Butch Monserat (composer of Umagang Kay Ganda) who’s based in Australia. Sir Butch arranged and recorded the song’s instrumentation and sent it back to the Philippines wherein another guitar track was added.

Adding awesome guitar solos and fills was another classmate back in elementary and high school whom we look up to when it comes to playing the instrument. Janno Queyquep, one of the country’s top session players, provided a beautiful slide solo that has this George Harrison-like touch.

The song has been one of my favorite releases this year.

Listen to this rock ballad collaboration ‘In Another Lifetime’ below.

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