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Escape the C EP Launch

Being accessible to various artists, playing and collaborating with other bands, it feels great to share your stuffs and play nice tunes with them. It opens you up on all genres and allows to explore the things you haven’t done before.

One of my latest main band projects is Escape the C, which released their EP last year. The group’s influences (I’m not sure if they would agree with me on this haha) vary from world music to trip hop to blues/soul to indie alternative.

So this is far different from the other bands I’m with which played alternative pop rock, new wave indie pop, because 1. majority of the members are women, 2. the band uses different percussion instruments that bring the natural vibe 3. it unleashed my other influence, women of rock hehe. I joined them as a late addition, pretty much similar to what happened when I joined Crude Oz and like the others, it’s fun playing with these people.

The EP launched went well, with other performances that include Jeff Pagaduan and Diwa de Leon. It was held at Conspiracy Garden Cafe last November 2012.

Escape the C are Frances Escape, Kate Villaflor, Ony Martinez, Dawani de Leon, Zab Reyes and Sean Fortunato.

You can check out the band’s music via their Reverbnation page.

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