Tech : Emergency Steps To Revive Your Wet Cell Phone

I’ve been browsing the net and I’ve read about this article that might be very helpful to all of us cell phone users. It’s how to revive your cell phone once it got soaked in water. This is an experiment conducted with the phones being used are the popular smartphones like Droid, Blackberry and iPhone.


If you missed the article, well here are the steps to follow :


1. Once it got drowned in water, DO NOT turn on the phone because water shorts out all the electrical circuits.


2. Take off the battery and SIM card and memory card.

3. Rinse with freshwater if it’s drowned in a salt water because salt can corrode the device.


4. Let your phone dry using compressed air. But don’t stick it in the oven even if it’s on low or in a a microwave because this melts the components inside your phone. Also avoid the use of a blow dryer. A good one to blow it dry is the compressed air can handy – used to clean computers or keyboards.

5. Bury and cover your phone with uncooked rice for at least 24 hours or more. The dry grains will absorb all the moisture in the phone once you bury it in a sealable plastic container.


6. Reassemble the phone and turn it on after waiting for at least 24 hours.

Although the chances of not bringing it to life is still bigger even if you have done the steps, still, this is worth a try if ever you happen to accidentally drop your phone off in the water because one of the phones on the experiment got revived to life and is ready for use again.

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