Crude Oz

Crude Oz’ Straight Jacket Revisited

It’s been four years since alternative band Crude Oz released its debut album Straight Jacket and to celebrate its 4th year anniversary, chief songwriter/frontman Deo Cruz has re-recorded the tracks. And he did awesome at capturing some of the songs’ original arrangements from the record!

The 2013 version of the songs have mix of new and old arrangements and they’re posted on Soundcloud. The album contained 12 tracks so there are still few tracks left to be uploaded if the original plan is to reprise them all. Seven tracks are already available on its page that include the most requested LSS (Last Song Syndrome) song “Quitting You”, “Straight Jacket”, “Til My Fingers Bleed”, “Delusion”, “Send It Back”, the groovy version of “Invisible Chains” (I played guitar tracks for this song :)) and my new favorite “Atlantis” so looking forward to the other versions.

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Listen to the songs. Enjoy. 🙂

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