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Excursion at Cambodia

As I featured last time, I got the chance to travel out of the country and play live with Makiling in Cambodia during the ASEAN Indigenous Festival 2014. One thing that enters one’s mind when going to Cambodia is the famous Angkor Wat. Unfortunately for the group, it’s not part of our itinerary so we weren’t able to check it out and aside from that, travel time is around 7 hours from Phnom Penh so it’s unviable from our tight and busy schedule.

But despite that miss, I had a great time in Phnom Penh as I got to meet new friends from other South East Asians. In our stay, the only time we got the opportunity to tour was after the show which was the following day. We toured the National Museum of Cambodia and Royal Palace with the other ASEAN delegates.

Inside the museum, you will see historical displays of various collections, sculptures, potteries and bronzes that dated back in their pre-Angkorian period, Indravarman period and Angkorian period. Some of the latest works can also be seen inside. The four pavilions face a nice garden which is a good scenery.

Here’s a clip from the trip.

Airport and Road trip.

National Museum of Cambodia, Royal Palace, etc.

Some photos taken.


Cambodia’s version of Tuk-Tuk, a type of transportation which is quite similar to the tricycle in the Philippines, only this one has a larger passenger space (a cross between tricycle and karitela)












Cambodia Makiling travel

Makiling Perform in Asean Indigenous Festival 2014

One of the perks of playing in a band is travel, either you go on tour or play festivals in different countries. As a guitar player who plays for many bands and solo acts, I got the opportunity to do both travel and performing live onstage despite the busy schedule from my day job, thanks to the band Makiling, who tagged me along to play guitar for their group.

Makiling is a musical ensemble in the Philippines who play original world music and feature the traditional two-string instrument called “Hegalong”. The band represented the country, through NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts), in the recently concluded Asean Indigenous Festival 2014 held in Chaktomuk Convention Hall, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia on November 19-23, 2014.

Performers include delegations from host country Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Rehearsal photos from the ASEAN Indigenous Dance and Music Festival HERE

Makiling’s lineup for the event were:

Diwa de Leon – Hegalong & Lead Vocals
Ottobots Hernandez – Percussion & Vocals
WedandRosa Lodriga – Percussion
Karen Austria – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Marvin Bea – Guitar
Frances Escape – Percussion

Here’s a video clip of Makiling’s performance.

Footage by: Marvin Bea, Loem Vannak and Joanna Lerio

Check out Makiling’s albums via

Also available on iTunes:

Malakas at Maganda

Medyo Modern

Patintero sa Ilalim ng Buwan

Makiling: The B-Sides EP – EP


Travel Time: Adventures in Hong Kong

Lately I’ve been posting some of my music odyssey with different groups and artists but it doesn’t mean my life revolves around music 100%. I have day job too and get to travel once in a while if time permits. Traveling is one of the things I like, but it’s kinda ironic that as much as I like to travel, I’m more of a homebuddy. Weird ei? Anyway got the needed break last vacation and it was a perfect time to travel. Most of the places I’ve been so far were just around the country, but this one would definitely be in my record books as one of the greatest.

A rare time to go abroad and it was an exhilarating experience. It’s also the first time that the Anawangin boys and the Boracay boys would combine for this epic travel.

Traveling outside the country is very expensive and with guys who are on a tight budget, the best option would be the backpackers’ mode. Good thing there are promos nowadays by airline companies here like Cebu Pacific Airlines, things just made it easier for us. We spotted one, and there we go!

For this trip, we went to Hong Kong and the place, I would say, was nice. It has great facilities, airport is huge (way better than NAIA), streets are always busy, even until wee hours especially in the business district, wonder if they still sleep.

It’s a totally different place so I was culture shocked. I don’t like comparisons but there were certain things I noticed which made me realize why Hong Kong is miles ahead than my country. If you’ll be able to visit both places, I think you’ll notice it too.

We were on a time constrained schedule so the plan was to visit as many places as possible on each day.

Here’s our itinerary:

Day One upon arrival, we rest a bit from our place, then went straight to the Avenue of the Stars, HK’s version of Hollywood Walk of Fame, it’s where you can see the Bruce Lee statue by the harbor and other Chinese celebrities’ hands in cement that include Jacky Chan. If only we arrived earlier, then probably we could have been to the art museum as it’s near the vicinity, so we’ve missed one right there.

Day Two, our destination in the morning was one of the parks there, the Kowloon Park, then we opted to go to Ocean Park instead of Disneyland as the latter is bigger and has more people, and if you’re gonna go for the rides, you’ll have to wait longer because of its long lines, so that would eat up a lot of time, and since we had a tight schedule, we weighed off the best option and we could only hit the target if we head off to Ocean Park. So we missed to visit Mickey’s place, maybe next time. Anyway, Ocean Park was a great choice as I haven’t seen a dolphin live. There was also the panda show, but failed to see it because it had the same time with the dolphin show. It’s the best alternative if you’re having a hard time deciding on which place to go.

After the Ocean Park adventure, we head off to Victoria Peak. We took a ride on the Peak Tram.

Day Three, we went to see the big statue of Buddha. If there’s one place we don’t want to miss, it’s this one. Got to pay homage and visit him and have us all blessed. Plans of going to Macau or Mainland China were scrapped off due to budget and time constraints.

Though we haven’t explored all the places, we somehow hit the target, so all in all, this adventure trip was a winner.

Where’s the next stop? Let’s see…

Here are some vids I created during our stay.

HK: City Scape from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: City Scape 2 from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Ocean Park from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Ocean Theatre Dolphins, Seal and Sea Lion Show from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin from marvin bea on Vimeo.

HK: Buddha Bless You from marvin bea on Vimeo.

basketball PBA travel

A Come from Behind Win

From music, let’s go to the game of basketball. It’s one of the things I missed and watching the game live was a pleasure. I was a big fan of the game and since my heroes retired, I haven’t attentively watched the local games on tv and been on a live game for more than ten years. I didn’t even know most of the players on the roster of each team and even the names of the current participating ball clubs. So this was my first stint of watching pro-basketball live!


On the first game, I saw Redbull going up against Powerade which surprisingly the latter won in a lopsided game. “Surprisingly” because the former’s lineup includes former San Mig bigmen Danny Seigle, Pena, Pennisi, Willie Miller, Salvacion, etc. Powerade’s young guns came through with former Smart Gilas Lassiter topscoring for the team but it was Anthony who led them to victory and was chosen best player of the game.


Haven’t seen both play before but after this game, I would say that they’re good. They are the players to watch for the opposing teams. Just couldn’t get over Anthony’s way of shooting the ball on the freethrow. His release reminded me of the way Jimmy Chitwood (from the film Hoosiers) shot the ball, very methodical and effective.
Hope the new breed of players would practice good form of shooting, perhaps they should imitate the way the South Koreans shoot hehe.



The second game featured Petron Blaze against Talk n’ text. The much awaited game by the fans. So San Miguel is now known as Petron while Tnt, well, didn’t change the name. First half was all Petron, leading all the way and Tnt’s game seemed off-sink as they can’t find a good basket. Everything seemed to be doing well for the SMC franchise as they head on to the locker room with a comfortable lead.


Start of the 3rd quarter, TnT inched their way to close the gap as Petron relaxed. Suddenly the game went close and MVP’s team took the 3rd.


The 4th was a see-saw battle, Petron leading then it’s Tnt’s turn. The game was close, with Petron struggling to score a basket as opposed to Tnt. The fortunes have turned on the 2nd half, and as they went to the last minute, the game got better. Petron fans got so loud everytime they hit the basket, and as the clock winding down, it was crunch time for both teams. Alex Cabagnot hit a clutch three with only 12 ticks left, sealing the lead for Petron and on the verge of winning. Fans went wild and the players celebrated, but they forgot that there was still time left, and TnT capitalized it. Carry got fouled and hit only 1 out of 2 freethrows. Petron could have won it, if they got the “rebound”, luckily for Tnt, coach fielded in Japeth Aguilar, a 6’9″ guy who can jump high, at the right time and as Carry missed the 2nd attempt, he went high for the ball for a put-back beating all the other guys. And One! He sank the freethrow and they got a 2 point lead. Petron didn’t score on the next possession as Japeth stole the ball and time expired. TnT won in a come from behind victory!


Seeing the new players on the second game, I’ve got to give two thumbs up for Rob Reyes’ solid defense. Though he’s not very good offensively, the burly mohawk guy was everywhere when it came to rebounding and hassle plays. Reminded me of Freddie Abuda in the late 90s, scrappy player who did the dirty work inside the hardcourt. I think his style would fit well also on Ginebra hehe. There’s Yeo whom they called the Ninja. I would agree on that moniker. He’s quick, not afraid to drive straight to the basket and would explode unexpectedly. Weinsten however, may be a bit deceiving if you’re a defender and didn’t know his game. You would think that he can’t score but he can. He hit big baskets late in the game and it kinda killed the momentum of Petron.


Got a lesson learned from it and kids should bare this in mind. Don’t celebrate yet until you hear the final buzzer! It has happened many times before, and it happened again. You see in a very close game, taking a lead in the dying seconds doesn’t mean you already won it, you have to defend well against the opponent and still not let them score. as they say, it ain’t over yet.


So for the first trip to see a live game, the experience was exhilarating!!! And what makes it even better? Aside from the game which was so freakin’intense, the crowd was awesome, free ticket courtesy of my buddy and got the best seat for some reasons: 1. it was near the hardcourt, 2. was just a few steps behind commentators Mico Halili and Jason Webb, 3. pretty faces surrounding the area especially the one beside me, whew, 4. even got a cameo appearance late in the game! Yeah boy!!!




Building a Tent

This is for those who want to camp and have a great time hanging out at the beach or anywhere without spending too much. When my friends and I went on a trip at Anawangin couple of years ago, we were on a tight budget so we were thinking how can we go there and spend a little. So we decided to camp to lessen the expenses. Backpacker’s mode! We brought a tent instead of renting a room to stay in. Here’s a run down on building the tent we brought.


1. Look for a flat surface on higher ground so when it rains, your things will keep dry.


2. Do have a ground cover. Placing it under the tent will protect it from rocks and other rough materials that may damage it. It also helps to keep it dry fast once the weather is wet.


3. Since tents usually come with stacks, use them to prevent getting blown away with strong winds.


4. Of course don’t park your tent closer to your grill and campfire and if you’re at the beach, don’t park it closer to the shore. You may never know what can happen at sleep time.


Building a Tent