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See You in Spain! Gilas Team Wins Silver in FIBA to Qualify for World Basketball Championship

After decades of battling for one of the top spots in FIBA Asia, the Philippines has finally grabbed sliver medal finish behind the tall and mighty Iran thus qualifying for next year’s World Basketball Championship to be held in Spain.

Gilas 2.0

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Yes the tournament was already finished last week but the adrenalin rush and hangover by everyone here of that sweet victory in the semifinal match against rival South Korea was still there. FYI, South Korea has been the biggest thorn in the Philippines for the past tournaments, winning against them in a heartbreak fashion, be it the most important games or just for the placing. The win provided a sure spot at the 2014 World Basketball Championship, which will have the top 3 Asian countries qualified.

It’s a gallant stand by the team known as the Smart Gilas Pilipinas 2.0, composed of professional players in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) with a naturalized player. They showed real teamwork and most importantly played with a BIG HEART, something that lacked with the previous all-pro selection teams.

With some players having some off nights, others stepped up, like a soldier backing up his comrade who’s down on the battlefield. The games on each rounds were hardly fought and won, and the team is likely destined to write their history. Aside from their great games played, it helped that China was having its worst season, losing in the early rounds to South Korea and Iran and Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals. A sudden twist of faith because while they were having
lackluster performance, team Philippines got better and better.

And it seemed that everything’s going in favor of the Philippines because before the start of the tournament, Lebanon, which is considered among the top teams and could be a contender for the top spot on the next phase, was out. Another was when Qatar won against Chinese Taipei (the team who beat Gilas in the first round) by a close margin, that put everything in place. Gilas got the top spot because of higher quotient and avoided an early clash with the Persians.

Redemption has it for this team as they surpassed what the Gilas 1, composed mostly of standouts in the amateur ranks mixed with some pros, performed during the last tournament. Gilas 1 lost steam and only finished 4th place.

With the venue happening in the home turf, the hometown crowd filled the MOA Areana to cheer and back-up the players for some needed inspiration. When the team won in the semi-finals, it was like winning the crown already as the team achieved its ultimate goal – to qualify for the World Championships. As what I observed, if the team lost the semis, then the dream is over, there’s a big chance they would lose in the 3rd place game as history showed with the past teams that they always lose steam and with Douthit out, they would be in big trouble again against the Taiwanese.

The finals game could have gone either way, but with Marcus Douthit sitting out due to injury, the team lost a formidable big man who could defend against Iran’s center Hamed Haddadi, a legit NBA player, who was named MVP of the tournament.

Adding the celebration was point guard Jason “The Blur” William Castro’s inclusion in the All-Star Mythical Five.

On winning the silver medal and getting qualified, being big basketball fanatics by the people here have not gone to waste because in my opinion, what’s the point of making this game an almost national sports and everyone’s passion if you can’t even qualify for the World or Olympics? At least the guys showed that the team, despite not having a tall lineup, belongs to the elite class. Talent, teamwork and a lot of heart in the game have brought them back to the map.. Welcome Spain! See you there!

Smart Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 are

1. Marcus Douthit
2. Jimmy Alapag
3. Jayson Castro
4. Ranidel De Ocampo
5. Larry Fonacier
6. Jeff Chan
7. Gabe Norwood
8. LA Tenorio
9. Japeth Aguilar
10. Gary David
11. Marc Pingris
12. June Mar Fajardo

Reserve player – Beau Belga

Coach – Chot Reyes
Assistant Coaches: Norman Black, Jong Uichico, Josh Reyes

Watch the highlights of the semifinal grudge match between team Philippines and South Korea.

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2k Run 2nd Placer

13 minutes and 10 seconds on a 2k run, not bad for a beginner like me, especially finishing 2nd place. It was my first official run last Saturday and it went so well. I thought it was 3k run and 5k run but when me and my buddy went to Parks and Wildlife at Quezon City, the venue of the event, the organizers said the run would be for 2k, 4k, 6k. So I was like, ok so I would be running shorter than I expected, but anyway 2k would be good since it’s just my first. Just gonna be there testing myself if I could run the 2k straight.


The Fun RunThe Fun RunThe Fun Run


So here’s the rundown of the venue – one round of run at Parks and Wildlife is equivalent to 2k, 2 rounds is equivalent of 4k and 3 laps is equivalent to 6k. If ever you will jog at Wildlife, you now know that if you finish one lap that’s already 2k.


Back at the fun run, first to run were those who were listed at 6k, followed by those in the 4k division then the last was those under 2k. Those who joined in were mix of young and old, and under my division, the competition was not as stiff as that on the 6k, mostly kids and in their 40’s I think.


My number


My Number At The Run


As the run went on, my only goal was to run straight, no walk as part of my pacing time, so I ran the whole time, overtaking the others on different divisions, ’cause some were walking already in the middle of the route. I kinda slowed down a bit on some parts since it was slippery, and when I saw the finish line getting nearer, I was surprised ’cause I was still on the go but there it was, just a few more and I’m done, and when I noticed that I was the only one on my division near it, I said to myself, “is that it?” Well I don’t want to sound cocky here folks, but what I meant was, I joined in with my mindset to just test my stamina, if I can do it, just to get the feel of how it’s gonna be like, have a good cardio workout and winning the event is out of it. Winning was not on my mindset, but the route kinda felt short so I was like I needed to slow down a bit ’cause I might finish first and I don’t want to at that point since this is a Christian event and I’m a Catholic hehe. This was just part of my so-called training to get ripped and to be in tip-top shape if ever I will join a 5k marathon run. So when I got nearer, and saw this kid trying to overtake me, I gave way. Well, I always give way, always do, even on other fields hehe. It has been part of my nature I guess. So what I did was walk towards the finish line since this kid seemed to be tired, was walking too and wanted to win it and I let him win. Not a big deal for me. He deserved it, hats off to that kid, he’s fast also.


Another kid whom me and my buddy was talking too didn’t like the idea of what I did, even said that I should have won it, but I don’t think he would understand. First of all, I was just a visitor there, this was another one of those Christian events that I was in, so it would be better if a fellow Christian would win it. I would be a kill joy if I sprint the last one and win it since I’m competing with a kid on that point. I told him I could have let him win also if he was listed on the same division, unfortunately he was registered under the 4k category. Besides it was just a fun run, and I just joined in to measure myself if I can run that long, which now I know I can based on the result. 3k would be a good fit for me. With 4k-5k, I can do it but with some walks in between to pace myself. But it would be a long road if I will join in those competitions, got to be fit first. As the saying goes, “Get fit to play” not the other way around. 🙂


After the run, cheering competition between the teens and the oldies.


Cheering CompetitionCheering Competition Teens


Samboy Lim SLPDA sports

Samboy Lim Player Development Academy Day One

Some of the action during Samboy Lim Player Development Academy (SLPDA). This was taken on its very first day, session one. The kids got a hands-on tutorial from the Skywalker himself, and the other coaches were also nice and great that pushed these kids to go beyond their skills. Rigid training came up next for the following sessions. I will not be surprised if one day these kids will dominate the game here in the Philippines and across Asia, and hopefully be in the NBA.


Samby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development AcademySamby Lim Player Development Academy

basketball Dream Team '92 sports

Dream Team Honored

The best team ever assembled by U.S. basketball, or should I say one of the best teams as what LB said in his speech at the Naismith Hall of Fame ceremony after Magic, “Dream Team” as what they were dubbed, has finally been inducted to the Naismith Hall of Fame together with the 1960 US team composed of basketball legends Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, etc.

The ’92 team was composed of NBA superstars playing for one goal, that was to win the coveted Olympic Gold. After not winning the Gold for the past international competitions, they were on a mission to deliver the goods, as officials finally declared professional players could now play at the Games.

Egos set aside, they showed that a bunch of superstars could be on a team together and played as a one intact unit. And they did. No prima donna styles, no superstar attitude, just pure teamwork. They exemplified what a team should be. Posting a winning average margin of 43 pts., they won the tournament’s Gold medal with authority.

It was headed by Hall of Famer coach Chuck Daly. The team roster was composed of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler and college standout Christian Laettner.

basketball Karl Malone sports

Karl Malone: The Mailman Delivers

When talking about power forwards, Karl Malone is one of the few players that comes in to my mind. He revolutionized the game of a power forward, a big guy who can run the floor and through the years has developed a great shooting touch from the outside, adding it up to his already great offensive arsenal.

He and fellow Hall of Famer teammate John Stockton were among my favorites in the game. Together, they became one of the best dynamic duos ever played epitomizing that point-guard-big man combo. And running this simple yet very effective, classic patented pick and roll plays, they made Utah become title contenders back in ’96-’98 NBA seasons.

Thus the phrase “Stockton to Malone”. As Stockton said, Karl made his passes look so good ’cause you can threw him the ball and he would catch it and delivered. Like Chicago’s tandem of Jordan-Pippen, they compliment each other. Karl would never made those easy points if not for John’s accurate passes, and on the other hand, John would never achieved the record of most assists if not for him making the shots.

And now being included in the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Class of 2010, together with Dennis Johnson, Scottie Pippen, and other most notable basketball heroes, I would say, the Mailman definitely delivers!

Watch Karl’s emotional Hall of Fame speech as it highlights the ceremony.