Sigwada Experiment

Podcast: Sigwada Experiment on Tambayan 101.9

Sigwada Experiment, one of the groups I play in, had guested on a well-known local pop radio fm station, Tambayan 101.9 last February. Performances by the band included both cover and original songs.


The show, Break Mo ‘To, is hosted by dj Martin D which gives ample exposure to up coming music groups.


Here’s a recorded podcast (not full) of the episode:


Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 1

[audio:|titles=Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 1]


Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 2

[audio:|titles=Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 2]


Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 3

[audio:|titles=Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 3]


Many thanks to the DJs of the station for giving the group the opportunity to perform live and letting the song “Delayed” played. We definitely had a great time.

PCPark Japan Sigwada Experiment

Sigwada Experiment Live Demo @ PCPark Japan

Sigwada Experiment, one of the bands I’ve got to play with, did a live demo at PCPark Japan. All instruments courtesy of PCPark.


Sigwada Experiment

Sigwada Experiment Off To Record New Materials

Sigwada Experiment is in the process of recording their new materials. Album will be out soon. I’ll keep you guys posted with this one. Wasakenrol!