KJ, A New Collaboration Band Featuring Kuya Kurt and Jyel

Illustration by: singer-songwriter Jong Sumangil

A new collaborative project has emerged in the independent/underground scene here in Manila that features two of the most prominent advocates of independent music, Kuya Kurt (Sigwada Experiment) and Jyel (Sensitivo).

Simply called as KJ, they started out with fun jams during sets of each group and in drinking sessions and after those sessions, they’re now a band!

The group is fronted by the two and features a cast of other musicians from the scene – Chitols Asprec (Sigwada Experiment) on bass, Glenn Mapue (Mushroom and Mint) on guitars, yours truly also on guitars and Rod Jaropay (Mushroom) on drums. The band is a mix of Sensitivo, Sigwada Experiment and Mushroom. Check out their music as well.

Lots of “wasakenrol” will be heard and witnessed definitely and they’re set to deliver their brand of music to the public and bring the house down.

The band plays the songs impromptu and unrehearsed since each member have their own busy schedules so what you hear/see is what you get.

Here’s the debut performance of the group at Conspiracy Garden Cafe, an original song titled “Rakrakan sa Langit” (Rock n’Roll in Heaven).