Diwa De Leon

String Player Gamer’s Livestream Online Concert 2014

String Player Gamer (a.k.a. Diwa de Leon) has recently staged his first live stream online concert in his YouTube channel before Christmas and it was a blast. With the channel’s subscribers and friends watching the show online and its chatroom getting flooded with greets and chats, it’s definitely an overwhelming experience.

Staged at his studio room, he was backed up by yours truly on acoustic guitar and JP Hernandez on percussion. The show started at 6pm PST last December 20 (around 10 am December 21 in our country) so the preparation was very early here, on setting up the cams and sound systems.

The songs we performed were centered on video game soundtracks most notably from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Tetris and more so video game fanatics, these are dedicated to you. Diwa’s arrangements were done acoustically instead of the usual electric versions you see and hear often on the net, so imagine that awesome twist and although we had a day of rehearsal, come showtime, we made unplanned tweaks on each song so it’s an impromptu take which got more exciting (but also got me lost at some point hehe, my bad, so if you have a music piece in front of you, stay focus on it, don’t try to think of putting some fill-ins or look elsewhere or else you’ll caught off guard and have the same miscues as I did :)).

On technical aspect, it was only streamed 240p according to the String Player Gamer so there might have been some difficulties to those who have watched the show live, thanks to our country’s lowest internet speed yet expensive rates. Good thing the show has been recorded also while we did it live so everyone can watch the “replay”.

So for those who missed it, here’s an upload of the show.Enjoy 🙂

String Player Gamer – Violin, Hegalong
Marvin Bea – Guitar
JP Hernandez – Percussion

Diwa De Leon event Sinag De Leon

Memories on Two Strings

Music and arts go hand in hand. Last Saturday, I went to Conspiracy Garden Cafe to check out friends in an art exhibit and album launch. It was a great event that featured Sinag de Leon‘s art opening of her paper cut creations which was inspired by the music of her brother Diwa de Leon‘s latest solo LP, Memories on Two Strings. The gallery boasted of beautifully created artworks that would run until the 31st of January 2012.


Diwa, also a member of the Pinoy world music group called Makiling, uses a Hegalong instrument, a two-string instrument from the Philippines, thus the title of the album.


Opening the night was Jeff Pagaduan, who performed his original compositions in front of the awed crowd with his ala Andy Mckee style of guitar playing while singing. After Jeff was the main event. Diwa, along with friends Aba Dalena, Zab Reyes on guest vocals, Jp Hernandez and Frances Escape on percussion did songs from the current and previous album.


The album Memories on Two Strings is a two-set CD that also features Cooky Chua of Color It Red and Charice’s vocal coach Jeanne Vicars on guest vocals. The songs give a nice, chillaxing vibe, and as you listen to the tunes, the more you get hooked at them, at the same time it serves as a lesson101 of sort because it allows the listeners to get exposed of this awesome local string instrument. With the mix of popular music of different genres and the Hegalong, it’s a whole new experience. Containing 25 great songs, it has everything on the menu from upbeat to mellow to something that rocks.


Check out Memories on Two Strings.


Here’s the single from the album entitled “Moonrise” featuring Cookie Chua on vocals.