Chris Cornell

Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell Dies

Credit image: Brian Bumbery

The curse of 2016 still continues after all as the first half of 2017 saw a number of artists passing away. As of this post, one trending news today got this author shocked. One of the most prominent singer-songwriters in the 90’s “grunge era”, Chris Cornell died at age 52. In a statement confirmed by Cornell’s representative Brian Bumbery to the Associated Press, the Seattle rocker passed away in Detroit on Wednesday evening just hours after he performed a show with his band, Soundgarden at Fox Theatre. The death was “sudden and unexpected” that his wife and family were shocked. The family asked for privacy as they would work closely with the medical examiner in finding out the cause of death.

Cornell’s last tweet before the show.

Chris Cornell was a founding member of Soundgarden, one of the bands that spearheaded the grunge movement, and has fronted with other popular supergroups, Audioslave and the Soundgarden-Pearl Jam collaboration tribute band for Andy Wood, Temple of the Dog. Audioslave performed a show this year while Temple of the Dog had their reunion tour last year. Soundgarden, meanwhile are back on tour and have made some materials for their next album. He’s also best known for his performance on 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, You Know My Name. and this year, he’s got another song for a film in store for everyone, The Promise.

UPDATE: According to the latest news released by the Associated Press, medical examiner determined Cornell’s death as suicide by hanging.

May you rest in peace Chris. Say hello to heaven! Thank you for the music!

Here’s Cornell’s very last performance. Thanks to the uploaders who shared the band’s show.

The band performing their last song Slaves and Bulldozers with Chris mashing it up with Led Zep’s In My Time of Dying.

Chris Cornell Whitney Houston

Chris Cornell’s Tribute to Whitney Houston

Chris Cornell, frontman of the just reunited rock band Soundgarden and Audioslave, pays tribute to the late Whitney Houston by singing her hit song, I Will Always Love You on his solo concert. Whitney as you might have known, died last February 11, shocking the whole world of her sudden death.


The acoustic rendition reminds me of his version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean wherein he displayed a fresh take of the hit pop song and made it edgier and darker that suited well for a rock genre.


On singing this song, I think many purists will not like what he did and they may call him a sell-out, but heck, he just made another great version which I’m pretty sure aspiring singers from the rock genre will use it as their piece on talent searches. It only shows how diverse and creative he is and still on top of his career, just listen to his splendid, powerful voice. Whew, seeing this vid gets me goosebumps.. Amazing performance!


To Whitney, may you rest in peace.



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