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Excursion at Cambodia

As I featured last time, I got the chance to travel out of the country and play live with Makiling in Cambodia during the ASEAN Indigenous Festival 2014. One thing that enters one’s mind when going to Cambodia is the famous Angkor Wat. Unfortunately for the group, it’s not part of our itinerary so we weren’t able to check it out and aside from that, travel time is around 7 hours from Phnom Penh so it’s unviable from our tight and busy schedule.

But despite that miss, I had a great time in Phnom Penh as I got to meet new friends from other South East Asians. In our stay, the only time we got the opportunity to tour was after the show which was the following day. We toured the National Museum of Cambodia and Royal Palace with the other ASEAN delegates.

Inside the museum, you will see historical displays of various collections, sculptures, potteries and bronzes that dated back in their pre-Angkorian period, Indravarman period and Angkorian period. Some of the latest works can also be seen inside. The four pavilions face a nice garden which is a good scenery.

Here’s a clip from the trip.

Airport and Road trip.

National Museum of Cambodia, Royal Palace, etc.

Some photos taken.


Cambodia’s version of Tuk-Tuk, a type of transportation which is quite similar to the tricycle in the Philippines, only this one has a larger passenger space (a cross between tricycle and karitela)












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Makiling Perform in Asean Indigenous Festival 2014

One of the perks of playing in a band is travel, either you go on tour or play festivals in different countries. As a guitar player who plays for many bands and solo acts, I got the opportunity to do both travel and performing live onstage despite the busy schedule from my day job, thanks to the band Makiling, who tagged me along to play guitar for their group.

Makiling is a musical ensemble in the Philippines who play original world music and feature the traditional two-string instrument called “Hegalong”. The band represented the country, through NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts), in the recently concluded Asean Indigenous Festival 2014 held in Chaktomuk Convention Hall, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia on November 19-23, 2014.

Performers include delegations from host country Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Rehearsal photos from the ASEAN Indigenous Dance and Music Festival HERE

Makiling’s lineup for the event were:

Diwa de Leon – Hegalong & Lead Vocals
Ottobots Hernandez – Percussion & Vocals
WedandRosa Lodriga – Percussion
Karen Austria – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Marvin Bea – Guitar
Frances Escape – Percussion

Here’s a video clip of Makiling’s performance.

Footage by: Marvin Bea, Loem Vannak and Joanna Lerio

Check out Makiling’s albums via

Also available on iTunes:

Malakas at Maganda

Medyo Modern

Patintero sa Ilalim ng Buwan

Makiling: The B-Sides EP – EP