Goodbye Bandhub

And the day about that big announcement by the creators of Bandhub has finally come and everyone in the community is in grief. After some previous shake-ups, Bandhub managed to stay afloat in the big wave but like a dying person who’s only way to survive is through a machine, the question is for how long? Keeping up a site is very costly and it’s a big blow that the biggest factor the creators of the site face are the financial woes. Now they’ve finally pulled the plug. It’s now officially closed. To all the members, it’s as if someone in the family died.

Bandhub, for all those who don’t know, is a site aimed for people who loved to play music, be it professionally or just a hobby, and be able to collaborate virtually with others as if you’re jamming in the real world. And you’re not just sharing your talents with folks within your vicinity, you’re sharing it to the whole world. So imagine how big it would be when you’re meeting with folks in other continents with different timezones. Bandhub was able to do that. Although it’s not played simultaneously in real-time (which is a good thing because it would be difficult to people in certain parts of the world where internet is slow) it’s pre-recorded with a backing track from YouTube as a guide,  the process is a mix of playing it straight as if you’re in live session or like you’re in a recording studio wherein you can play certain parts, record as many tracks as you want as long as it has no mistakes. It all depends on each individual’s taste. But true enough, it helps the person to play better and improve as a musician.

 Well there are other music collaboration related sites aside from Bandhub, which has an audio and video record output (with mixing and effects feature for pro members) that lessens the job for some serious video-audio syncing edit, such as Smule, which is more on the singer-side; Splice; Kompoz; Blend; Vocalizr; Audiu; Procollabs; newly-operated site Ourjamz, which is doing the same thing like Bandhub with some improved features on the recording end; Bandlab, which acquired Cakewalk and made it free to the public, has a DAW featured on its interface but is purely audio recording.

But what separates Bandhub from rest of the pack is that it’s more than just music collaboration, it has become a huge tight-knit community, where there’s no trolling, politics set aside and all these negative stuff. Everyone is friendly and supportive to each other. And no pain in the arse (if ever there’s one, lucky me I didn’t experience one). Aside from the collaboration, the interaction between the members through its comment section made each users closer so the bond grew stronger. So close that members had already made some gatherings from the past on different countries, and plans for future meet-ups/reunions are in the works.

With that, I give my hats-off to the creative team of Bandhub led by Marcelo and Pablo for making this wonderful site. Many thanks to them, and also to the guy who spammed on my YT’s comment section sending in the BH link. Huge thanks also to all my collaborators, some of whom I became friends with. It’s an honor to have played with you all. Definitely, it’s one helluva wild and fun ride. The beloved site will surely be missed. It may have closed down, but it opened the door to a wider possibilities. As what McCartney wrote, I say goodbye, and you say hello.