Building a Tent

This is for those who want to camp and have a great time hanging out at the beach or anywhere without spending too much. When my friends and I went on a trip at Anawangin couple of years ago, we were on a tight budget so we were thinking how can we go there and spend a little. So we decided to camp to lessen the expenses. Backpacker’s mode! We brought a tent instead of renting a room to stay in. Here’s a run down on building the tent we brought.


1. Look for a flat surface on higher ground so when it rains, your things will keep dry.


2. Do have a ground cover. Placing it under the tent will protect it from rocks and other rough materials that may damage it. It also helps to keep it dry fast once the weather is wet.


3. Since tents usually come with stacks, use them to prevent getting blown away with strong winds.


4. Of course don’t park your tent closer to your grill and campfire and if you’re at the beach, don’t park it closer to the shore. You may never know what can happen at sleep time.


Building a Tent


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