Blue Martian Cookies

Blue Martian Cookies’ Clark Reunion

Blue Martian Cookies reunited and performed in Clark, Pampanga. It was a rare performance by the band which was formed back in the 90s. Present were some of the original members together with generation two members. The band did cover songs from the 90s era on set 1 and on set 2, they did their originals.


It’s a pleasure playing with these guys, had an awesome evening at Clark. The only hassle during the set was when my guitar’s 3rd string (G string) was cut off during the 3rd song. With no back-up strings and guitar on hand, if this happened to most guitar players, they would probably not continue playing, but heck, that’s not a very big deal, the show must continue. Although a great sound would suffer a bit, I think I handled it fairly enough. The solution? Improvisation!


Here’s my take. Since you’re going to hit the same notes only on different positions, all you need to do is to familiarize where your fingers will run, in that way you can still hit the notes missing on the cut-off string. So if this may happen to you at the middle of the song, don’t stop, all you need to do is a little improv, ala-MacGyver.




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