Art Start

Coloring a book using crayons, colored pencil or water color is one of the early stages of being into arts. Followed by drawing on pad papers and so on. Most kids I’ve seen were drawn into a coloring book. Well me too. I love colors, always been fascinated by it and always give me a relaxing mood. When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot, mostly superheroes, and then ripping them off to have my own creation of characters. Very much like my nephews and niece who also love to draw and color. Some of their works were inspired mostly on the cartoons they’ve watched and at times on the environment around.


This is a good start in getting them drawn into arts. The one area I loved but couldn’t just execute because I’ve stopped drawing after getting hooked on basketball back in elementary days and not knowing how to paint hehe. Now I’m having some hard time drawing characters I used to do easily even when there’s an image to copy. Well as for these kids, I hope they continue this passion because it enhances one’s creativity.


Kaye, Gian and Lance all busy coloring Sponge Bob.



One of the early drawings of my niece Kaye. I found it on her old notebook. Reminds me of myself, had been filling my old notebooks with illustrations of different characters before. And just like me, she also doesn’t want to be watched while working on an illustration, maybe after it’s finished only you can see it. 🙂



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