5k Evening Jog Practice

5 laps of jog coupled with a little sprint and walk for cool down were exhausting for a non-runner like me. Although I have been working out, it’s more of weight training and walking when it comes to cardio, been doing some jog, but not as extensive and regular as runners do.


Having a long lay-off from this type of cardio work-out got my feet weak after finishing off those 5 rounds with my buddies which is equivalent to 5k. Wow, 5k! I think I can do a 5k dash marathon! hehe. Seriously speaking though, I have to be in good form so if ever I get to join a 5k run, I can have a decent finish. Need to condition myself first before competing. It will be a long climb.


While on our third lap going to our 4th, felt some heaviness on my legs – feeling like Goku there wherein he was training with Kaio-sama, battling gravity and having a hard time, so we stopped for a while, had some rest before hitting again for the next round. Still feeling the exhaustion a bit, I squeezed in some more energy left just to keep myself in pace. Weather was fine, it was not humid and cool air breezed the area so it helped in finishing those laps.


Now, I’m expecting for some soreness on my legs tomorrow or the following day. awww..

P.S. If you have heart problems, chronic fatigue or breathing problems, better have a doctor’s go-signal before embarking on any exercise program. Start out on short laps, don’t sprint like a runner, just walk and jog a bit, doing a low intensity type program. This will help your heart not to get surprised. Gradually increase if you’ve gained strength and stamina. Always have water to rehydrate yourself. Check your pulse. Always cool down. And of course listen to your body.



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