My Vid Pick of The Week : 8 Year Old Leana Singing Jessie J’s Price Tag

Another Youtube sensation is on the rise – 8 year old Leana. Remember the Fil-foreigner kid Maria Aragon who made Lady Gaga go gaga over her rendition of her song, well, she’s like her, the difference is she’s a homegrown talent while Maria grew up in Canada if I’m not mistaken and is a bit […]

Painting With Lips by Natalie Irish

Art for me has no boundaries, you can do whatever you want – it may be on a traditional way or the unorthodox way. Use your illusion. Be creative. But of course there should be guidelines too as it may go overboard, as what happened recently to an art exhibit here in the Philippines wherein […]

My Vid Pick Of The Week : Kid Duo Performing Everlong By Foo Fighters

It’s been quite a long time since my last post, went on a semi-hiatus mode, but hey it’s good to be back. The itch to write is here again, so time to scratch it off hehe. Well, this writing thing has been part of my system already, so definitely will be back, many thanks to […]