Date With Fate Album In The Works

Date With Fate, the side project of half of Crude Oz members, is recording new materials for their independent debut album release. The band has an alternative pop rock sound with a touch of ambient and new wave influence. Backing tracks for six songs were done and just waiting for the vocal tracks to lay […]

Percussion Customizations, Guitar Repair, Etc.

Are you a guitar player needing your guitar fixed? A percussionist who needs your percussion instrument to have some repair like changing skins? Here’s JP Hernandez, a friend of mine who can do the job. He repairs both instruments and also does customizations. For more info, visit this link :   Here are some […]

Free Comics At Fully Booked

While I was at Gateway Mall last Saturday, a friend/bandmate just texted me that Fully Booked was giving away some comic books for free ’cause he just got one. Perfect timing ’cause there’s a Fully Booked stall at Gateway, so I checked it out. Saw that it was just for that day only, so I […]